About me

I am currently a Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education at the University of Derby. Prior to this, I have held positions as a Lecturer in ITE, an Advanced Practitioner, a Teaching and Learning Coach, Programme Manager and Lecturer in Sport across three General Further Education Colleges in the Midlands.

I am also a Board Member and Trustee for the Education and Training Foundation, with an additional responsibility for Chairing the Society for Education and Training Management Board.

The more I know about education, the more I realise that I don’t know. I have come to realise the importance of remaining open minded and thinking critically about the ideologies that exist in education. I tend to question everything, not because I am negative, but because I am in search of truth. You’ll see this throughout my blog posts. If you think what I say is wrong, then please show me conflicting evidence. I change my mind a lot, so am open to seeing things from a different perspective.

Some of my credentials include:

I am always looking to connect, share my ideas and acquire new ideas, so please get in touch and let’s help one another develop.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Wendy Peskett
    Google Certified Trainer who blogs about Google and Technology in FE.

    Learning Technique for Teachers

    If you think it is useful please add to your FE bloggers list.

  2. Dan, two things: 1/ how did you become a Google certified educator – simply do the online google training? 2/ would you be interested in developing a bespoke Google Educator programme with the MET college in Brighton, of whom I am the new Head of Learning & Development. I am looking for a day programme. let me know. Paul

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