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A blog is an identity, a way to express yourself, a way to think freely, to reflect and to share this with a large population. Your voice isn’t lost in the myriad of levels within an individual institution, but instead, one is considered an equal amongst colleagues from across the sector. I have learnt a vast amount through writing/reading and taking part in dialogue around my own and other’s blog posts, so am an advocate for celebrating those that currently blog and for encouraging others to start blogging in order to broaden the knowledge pool we can access. 


After receiving several requests lately asking for FE specific bloggers, I have took it upon myself to collect information about all blogs by FE practitioners (well those that replied to my request anyway). I have ordered them alphabetically for ease of reference.

Name: Blog Title: Link to blog: Summary of blog content (What is it about? Who is it aimed at? How often do you post?):
Bren Prendergast bjpren/navel gazing https://bjpren.wordpress.com/ An eclectic mix, but generally SpLD/SEND, SEND Law & parental perspectives. Aimed at those not wishing to tick generic boxes & those wishing to understand SEND legal duties. I post erratically, but fairly frequently.
Carolyn O’Connor myfethoughts https://myfethoughts.wordpress.com The blogs on this site are about further education. It is aimed at anyone interested in FE. I generally post a blog once a month.
Clare ClaresELTCompendium www.ClaresELTCompendium.wordpress.com Aimed at teachers of English for Academic Purposes, Study Skills, teachers interested in CPD. I provide free worksheets & lesson materials, as well as discussion posts on key issues in EAP and teaching study skills. I blog every couple of weeks, sadly not as regularly as I would like!
Dan Williams FurtherEdagogy Furtheredagogy.wordpress.com The blog has a teaching, learning and assessment focus, and using a wealth of research aims to question and challenge widely held beliefs in FE primarily, but also education generally. I post twice weekly. One a written piece and one an interview with an educator.
Diana Tremayne Another Fe Blog https://anotherfeblog.wordpress.com General FE musings with a particular focus on ESOL. Aimed at anyone who wants to read it! Posts approx 1 per month but varies according to time and energy.
Eddie Playfair eddieplayfair.com www.eddieplayfair.com Posting about education, culture and politics fairly regularly.
Emma Bell EMMAths Emmalbell.com/blog Maths, teaching. Don’t post as often as I’d like, but I’m changing that!
Gemma Whitelock Mrs Arty-Textiles mrsartytextiles.wordpress.com Teaching and education support for teachers of art and textiles. I post every term (not as often as I’d like to!) There are student friendly resources on the site and directory of artists to support project research. I often get emails asking for advice in designing and writing curriculum plans and projects for exam groups. . More than happy to help 😊
Gemma Whitelock (Lincoln College of Art) Sharing TLA sharingtla.wordpress.comsharingtla.wordpress.com A new sharing blog to create a platform for FE staff to share the good stuff, show and tell the positives and provide links to the things that have worked so that others can benefit. We post regularly throughout term time.
Geoff Petty Geoff’s Blog http://geoffpetty.com/blog/ Teachers in FE or schools. Posts occur irregularly, when I have something to say
Hannah Tyreman Hannah Tyreman hannahruthtyreman.wordpress.com This blog has posts on my CPD work in FE but there are also posts on teaching & learning, leadership and technology. It’s aimed primarily at a wide FE audience, although posts also have relevance outside of this sector. I post when I have something to say or share.
Hilary Nunns Can Do Courses http://can-do-courses.co.uk/blog/ Irregular blogs aimed at teachers/support staff. I write about ADHD/SEND and behaviour in class.
Howard Scott Cantankerousman https://cantankerousman.wordpress.com Reflections on lifelong learning, FE contexts, technologies and mobile learning, literacies, culture, meandering nomadic posts. Posts are irregular these days – once a month, more or less. The aim is more personal: to help assimilate things I learn – a reflective process, rather than try to prescribe (I hope I’m not cantankerous. It was created for my MA digital cultures course and a spur of the moment name!).
James Clay e-Learning Stuff http://elearningstuff.net Thoughts, views and news on using technology to support, enhance and enrich teaching, learning and assessment. Aimed at staff in FE as well as HE mainly of benefit to teachers and managers. Posts roughly once a week.
Jayne Stigger FE Culture http://feculture.blogspot.co.uk/ Issues in education, mostly Further Education; it covers Teaching, Support Staff, E & D, Maths, Funding etc., but things of interest too. A mix of posts, interests and passions.
Joe Baldwin IncludEDfe www.includEDfe.com Weekly posts about SEND, inclusion, additional learning support, high needs and ALS funding in FE.

I have only just relocated my blog from StaffRM to its new home so content is currently sparse but will be moved across in chunks!

Jonathan Wells Functional Skills – Post-16 maths and English http://functionalskills.blogspot.co.uk/ 9 years old, average 1 post a week. Maths and English related news and comment for the post-16 sector – FE and Training providers.
Kay Sidebottom Adventures in Lifelong Learning http://adventuresinlifelonglearning.blogspot.co.uk/ Further education and lifelong related posts; aimed at educators from all sectors and trainee teachers. Specific interest in posthuman approaches to curriculum and identity/diversity issues. Post every month or so.
Lou Mycroft TeachNorthern www.teachnorthern.wordpress.com A clarion call to dancing princesses, anti-heroic leaders and all who are interested in education for a social purpose. Also stuff about thinking environments and other pro-social approaches to critical pedagogy. Can be ranty but will always give you the feels.
Martin King inspirenshare http://inspirenshare.blogspot.co.uk/ Weekly Posts about technology, education, creativity, innovation and what I put into practice
Matt Bromley M J Bromley’s Blog http://www.bromleyeducation.co.uk Education, education, education – here I curate my articles and blogs about all aspects of education (pedagogy and leadership; primary, secondary, FE, and HE). I post sporadically but usually several times a month.
Mike Tyler The Residue of Thought http://residueofthought.blogspot.co.uk/ A blog on education from an FE Sport Lecturer. The blog is not subject and phase specific, but also includes my thoughts on education more broadly. I post roughly once a month.
Nicky Hawkins nhawkinsblog https://wordpress.com/posts/nhawkinsblog.wordpress.com Various topics, all FE related. Teachers, teacher educators, those involved in mentoring or coaching. Every 3 months or so.
Patrice Miller The teacher diaries patricelauramiller.com Blog about teaching English to FE learners. Aimed at FE GCSE and FS English teachers. I try to blog monthly.
Paul Warren Paul Warren https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCG0hzreCloIeqpuWiTySNMw Video Blog dealing with mainly with learning technology in
FE but being expanded to include more subjects/areas
Peter Ford Education: the sacred and the profane https://edsacredprofane.wordpress.com/ A blog about education aimed at fellow education professionals. Posting fairly frequent (less so this year).
Phil Bird Phil Bird http://classroom201x.wordpress.com/posts Ideas and tools to use in the classroom – it’s aimed at teachers, particularly those teaching ESOL, though much may be relevant to Functional Skills. I’m trying to post monthly.
Sam Shepherd Sam Shepherd’s Blog http://samuelshep.wordpress.com Posts about ESOL, adult learning, teacher training and issues in FE generally, posting generally twice a month, sometimes more.
Sarah-Jane Crowson Hcascholarship http://hcascholarship.com/ This blog is all about scholarly activity at Hereford College of Arts
Steven Keevil Teacher Learner https://stevenkeevil.wordpress.com/ Potentially it’s about focusing on Level 1 teaching and SEBD withing F.E. Its aimed at myself and anybody else who accidentally reads it.

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