Applied & Simplified Pt 2 – Top 20 Principles

My last post, explored principles 1-8 of the Coalition for Psychology in Schools and Education’s  Top 20 Principles from Psychology for Teaching and Learning. Here I move onto the next 7 principles, once again, trying to provide simple application of each.

  • Principles 9-12 focus on what motivates students.
  • Principles 13-15 focus on why social context, interpersonal relationships, and emotional well being are important to student learning.




3 thoughts on “Applied & Simplified Pt 2 – Top 20 Principles

  1. Doesn’t focusing on engaging with what motivates students result in avoiding the “desirable difficulties” necessary for learning? And how the hell do you get through a syllabus of nine of it is “motivating”?

    1. Completely agree. You’ll notice that I avoided some of the suggestions in the document and provided more manageable and realistic ones…Having said that, I did struggle with some of the points and found them somewhat contradictory to other aspects in the report, and my personal views.

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