The TES and I

I feel very fortunate to have been asked to write for the TES. Every few months I write an article and with every piece, try to diversify my writing in an attempting to be critical and challenging to the views and opinions of others. This, coupled with my blog allows me to develop my own views and hopefully help others to develop theirs too, rather than being constrained to views that are imposed within their institutions.


I am passionate about giving practitioners a voice in their establishments. They need to be provided with opportunities to explore research, challenge their own beliefs and question the views of others – not just be puppets. I am currently working in an environment where I feel liberated, where I can write freely, without fear of being disciplined and (feel I) am developing at an exponential rate as a result.


Here are the TES articles written over the last 14 months for your perusal. Some you may need to be a subscriber of the TES for, but most are accessible, Enjoy!
08.04.16 – Let’s explode a few myths about teaching methods

17.01.16 – Why catchphrase could hold the secret to formative assessment

30.10.15 – The three essential ingredients of truly expert teaching

02.10.15 – Freedom is key in lesson observation

09.07.15 – Diving into the ‘pool of development’

28.05.15 – The elephant in the room

20.02.15 – Banging your head against bad CPD


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