Coming out of my ‘secret teacher’ closet

Around 18 months ago, disgusted by the Ofsted Annual Review (2014), I decided to write back to Ofsted to put a few things straight about English and maths in the FE and Skills Sector. The Guardian immediately contacted me to see if I would like to write for them and I duly obliged. At the time, I wasn’t publishing under my real name as I had recently been in a bit of bother at work about my social media exploits (or not). For this reason, I remained anonymous and wrote the article under the ‘Secret College Tutor’ pseudonym.


At the time, I must have written what many in the FE and Skills sector were thinking, as the views and shares went through the roof. I decided to remain quiet for the most part (only telling my nearest and dearest). It wasn’t until Geoff Petty (an education inspiration of mine) re-tweeted the article yesterday that I realised how proud I am of what I put together, and it is for this reason that I am coming out and telling everyone that it was me all along.


You can view the article here. If you like it, continue to share. Also feel free to comment on this blog post.




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